The importance of Printing

Confession: I take a lot of photographs and a huge percentage of them get swallowed up into the abyss of my computer, without any chance of being printed. As an artist this makes me feel like my work is half complete. As a Mother, it makes me feel like I'm loosing memories. A little dramatic, yes. But, totally true!

To all of my clients who spend their hard earned money on purchasing a photography session with me, please consider doing something special with your images so they don't get lost among the files.

Does it matter where you print your images? The answer is yep. It totally matters. Images printed at box stores are notorious for having inconsistent tones, wonky colors, and so-so quality. If you are doing your own printing I think does the best job for a consumer print lab, but for Professional printing I'm partial to WHCC and Pro DPI. I especially love Pro DPI for their Fuji deep matte prints (they are like butta!), Press printed albums, and cute Mini snaps. Both of my print labs do an outstanding job. The colors and tones are just so rich and lovely.

I really want to do better, this year, at treating my images, and family memories, as something significant, and make the time to get them out of the computer and onto the wall. I hope you will consider doing the same:)

{ Top image: Mini snaps (tiny Polaroid style prints) and 5x7's. Bottom left image: 8x10 (looks smaller than it actually is). Bottom right image: a Press Printed Album. }