I have moved a lot this last year, and every time I move, my creativity is like, "Imma gonna need to take a hiatus now", leaving me to wade through a dense mind fog for months at a time. It's frustrating and I constantly feel misplaced and lost. On top of that, now that we are on the topic of things that suck, my anxiety disorder loves to flourish in these times of transition and uncertainty. Somedays I am brave enough to punch anxiety in the throat. And some days I just cry and pray. This is why community is so important. The need for community was etched in me, before I was even born, and so my heart is ever searching for my tribe.

I stumbled upon Wonderbound , in my earnest hunt for creative community and inspiration, and I was so happy to find out their rehearsals are open to the public. What a gift! I have always wanted to photograph dancers. Music and movement are an otherworldly combination. So, I got me some balls and forced myself out of the house. Despite feeling lost, despite feeling un-creative, and despite my anxiety. Haha, you lose, sucky feelings!

Here are a few highlights from my time over at Wonderbound...

I found myself smiling a lot as I watched these performers interact with one another.  It was such an intimate experience and so lighthearted. These guys have truly found their tribe and it shows. 

BoomTown, begins April 17th, for anyone interested in the Denver area.  I'm really hoping to make a habit of seeing them perform. It was truly a bright spot in my day and I'm grateful for that.

** Also, I really regret not photographing the band, Chimney Choir. They are my new favorite. Damn, they are just really good.