this beautiful couple and a letter to my husband

I had the most lovely couple's session last night, despite it being almost dark and kind of rainy. This is Gracie and Jonathan. They have been together 4.5 months and are magical to be around. They are fun, and smart, and seriously seem like they have been together way longer. Oh, ya, and they are crazy GORGEOUS.

As I edit these images I am drawn back to the first years with my husband and its making me teary and want to communicate all the things. Sooooo, it's about to get REAL personal up in here...You have been warned.

Dear Rye,

I'm remembering us.

The late night bike rides, through Pasadena, to buy donuts and rent movies at Blockbuster.

Our fire, our naivety.

The way we kissed, as if it were our last.

When we didn't know anything about loss, or pain, or debt, or spending the day getting an MRI for our son.

When we spent long road trips talking about visions and ideas that no one would dare extinguish. 

And we laughed. We laughed a lot. About stupid shit. But, it was healing and kept us in a place of hope.

As I write this, our son is running around in circles whilst proceeding to fart on me and I've been interrupted about one gillion times by our daughter who needs help with a sewing craft gone dramatically wrong.

Hiiii reality.

Despite the many years of almost giving up, the hurtful things we have said to each other, the pain we have caused one another, my love is more fierce for you than ever before. All the struggle and heartbreak has allowed a relentless beauty to break through, that we could have never known otherwise. I am crazy proud of you and of us.

xoxo, Raine